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This is the best food that we have had our entire trip in Florida! Great service, delicious plentiful plates, very good pricing. When we got the check I was expecting to have spent well over 45 bucks for a 3 course meal for my girlfriend and I. It was under $30. Cool atmosphere too, fitting torpid unlike most places I’ve been too.

Pio Pio is my favorite Latin food (Columbian/Peruvian) in town. I love going for lunch and getting either 1/4 Chicken (white meat) or the skirt steak topped with sautéed onions and cilantro. Ordinarily I wouldn’t order chicken at restaurants, but they have the most succulent roast chicken around. Most lunches come with 2 sides and I always get rice & beans and avocado. They also have great fried yuca and sweet plantains.

Service is always great, very friendly and quick. The same 4-5 servers are there every time I go, so we’ve become regulars and they’re always very welcoming and remember our favorites.

I know it sounds like simple food, and I think some of the best food I’ve ever had is fairly “simple”, but it’s prepared with care. Everything from the chicken to the pinto beans taste like it’s from a family recipe dating back generations. Also, my favorite part of the meal is the sauces!!! I’ve tried several times (with no luck) to get the recipe, but they have two sauces – a white garlic-y sauce and a spicier green variation that I think is just the white with jalapeno blended in. Whenever we go the servers know to bring out several extra sauces, and there is never any leftover, in fact we practically lick the bowls clean!

I reserve 5 stars for my favorite places in town, and this definitely qualifies. Go, get extra sauces, and if you don’t have to go back to work (or if your job has a liberal policy regarding being drunk at work) do yourself a favor and check out the sangria, it’s awesome too!

This is my favority hidden spot in Orlando when it comes to Latin American food. I lived about one hour away and I will never care the drive to eat at Pio Pio. The menu is very simple but everything is great. Best beans in town! Great Sangria, more than two and you need a designated driver!!!

My Favorite dishes here:
1. Calamares a la Guajira: This is an appetizer but I usually get is as my main dish. It is a large plate full of flesh (not fried) calamares cooked in a increadible tomato base sauce (like salsa criolla), and tostones all around the plate.
2. Fried Whole Snapper (Chillo): They can do it in salsa criolla or al ajillo. Either way is great. Reminds me of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico!!!
3. Have to try the empanadas. Beef is my favorite. Make sure to open it in have and loaded with either the while (mild) or green (hot) deeping sauces (mojito). Careful, green is pretty spicy… love it.
4. My wife’s favorite is the Bistec Encebollao (like Palomilla Steak).

The rotisserie chicken was cooked perfectly. Seasoning was spot on. Very flavorful, juicy and moist. Rice and beans was okay. Skirt steak was a perfect balance of flavoring. The chimichurri was definitely bursting with flavors. Yuca fries were crisp yet tender inside. Good down to earth food. Nice portion size. They have a Peruvian beer, Cusquena, not bad at all. Medium body, nice balance.