After the initial assault of the COVID-19 virus, a reopening of the economy is not a victory. By embracing the Phase 1 restrictions issued by the Florida government, Pio Pio Orlando is recognizing a responsibility. Too much remains unknown, and ultimate solutions remain to be developed. The freedom to reopen carries with it expectations of sober implementation. The war against the virus remains active. Our shared task is to honor the efforts we have all made under the lockdown.

And so it is that we reopened at the start of this week. We’re ensuring exhaustive sanitization, internal occupancy restricted to 25%, and terrace tables set 6′ apart. Hand washing has been continuous and our staff are all masked and gloved appropriately.

With all of that said, Week 1 of a return to business was a celebration. Our staff members are eager to work, and our sit-down customers are loving being out of the house. They are certain that all is being done to ensure their safety and a satisfying dining experience.

Phase 1: The next step in our online services

If there is any silver lining in our lockdown experience, it comes from the pressures put upon us to innovate. Every restaurant was called to double down on their cleaning and sanitation procedures. The bar for health and safety was raised to the roof, and we’re happy to say we leapt at the challenge. Pio Pio is impeccable, and it will always remain so.

Secondly, we mobilized to deliver a failsafe online ordering and booking system. It provides you with a reliable low-contact pick-up and delivery option. And we did so in record time.

Some restaurants – particularly fast food, drive-thru operations – had existing lines of business. Pio Pio did not, but we pulled out all the stops. We engaged the services of Plasmechanica, and had a robust system in place in less than two weeks. Almost unheard of, the system didn’t just exist; it worked flawlessly.

Now that we’ve reopened, take-out and delivery remain important features in our continuing success – and we are succeeding when a few short weeks ago our ability to survive was in jeopardy. Everyone was facing the same dire uncertainty. We were fortunate in finding a way through, and we are eternally grateful to our devoted customers who made that happen.

Phase 1: Dining in or out

Having reopened, we’re happy to tell you of another online feature. You can now book tables from our website up to four days in advance. You can even pre-order your meal for it to be ready upon arrival. Not a requirement for all, but a great time-saver for those conversation-heavy business lunches. And you can pre-pay, avoiding any awkward arm wrestling at the end of your meal. With the reduced occupancy of Phase 1, booking a table is recommended. Not a requirement, but if you’re going to leave the house, better to not be disappointed. Besides, you can do it from the convenience of your phone.

So, stay safe out there. Adhere to the physical distancing guidelines. Wear masks and gloves, and be sure to wash your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face. We’re going to get through this.

In the meantime, we look forward to serving you as a sit-down customer, and when that’s not possible, there’s always take-out and delivery.