Keep your hands off our menus! At least that’s what we hope you do with our new personalized system.

Surfaces are one of the known COVID-19 transmission media – contaminated ones, that is. At Pio Pio, we go to great lengths to sanitize everything between uses. That goes for tables, railings, chairs, door handles and, yes, menus. But the best safeguard against surface transmission is to avoid contact altogether.

Our touchless menu system is based on QR codes, those cryptic checker board-looking graphics you see more and more of these days. They’re used mostly in advertising to give prospective customers access to deeper information regarding the product. In our case, we use them to link an electronic menu to your mobile device. Your phone is personal to you, therefore unlikely to be contaminated by someone else. Being able to view our menu on your own device means you’ll never have to handle a printed menu again.

QR code for Pio Pio's menuHow to get your QR scanner

All you need to make it work is a smartphone and a code reader app. To get the latter, simply search for “qr code reader” in the Apple App Store (iOS), or in Google Play (Android). They all function in much the same way. Once installed, scan code printed on the cards at your table, and voilá: your own copy of our menu. To test it yourself, use the one here to the right.

Your health is crucial, and we do all we can to safeguard it. We don’t want you catching or passing on the virus in our establishment. More importantly, we don’t want you transmitting it out into your world.

The efforts we’ve all made to distance during the lockdown paid off in “flattening the curve” and reducing the incidence of COVID-19 here in Orlando. Now that we’re reopening, let’s all keep our eyes on our responsibilities for one another.

Pio Pio Orlando on Precision Drive welcomes you back, and we urge you all to take advantage of our touchless menu system. Convenient, clean, and controllable, it’s just one less thing to get in the way of a fantastic meal with friends and family.