Everybody’s got a quarantine kitchen. It’s where you go to prepare your meals in spite of your circumstance. At Pio Pio, we’re no different. It’s just that in our case it became a brand, and a way for us to continue providing the dishes you’ve grown to love.

None of us had a lot of lead time on the COVID-19 shutdown. Amongst the restaurant community, fewer still had alternative systems in place to cope with the loss of clientele.

Fortunately, Pio Pio’s customers are particularly devoted. When we opened up with our Quarantine Kitchen pick-up and delivery service, you were there and responded admirably. We hope we’ve been serving you well.

Our task was made easier by having an online ordering system already in the works. We were able to bear down and get it launched in record time, and it performed flawlessly straight out of the gate. Whew!

How can we transition the Quarantine Kitchen?

With these many weeks under our belt, we welcome any constructive advice you can give. It had long been our intention to ramp up our take-out and delivery business, but our focus had always been on creating and enhancing our sit-down dining experience. We believe that is where we really shine, and we’re looking forward to moving through the government-managed phases of return to full production.

Still, having nature force our hand has been good. We now have a robust off-site service to run alongside our dine-in core business. The future is really looking bright. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in both ways as your circumstance and preferences suggest.

This is a great chance for us to tweak everything to better serve you. Tell us what you think. What are your favorite dishes? Are there things you would like to see on the menu?

We strive to be your first choice when taking a break from your own kitchen.